Myanmar Liveaboard: Never starving week

Pour une première croisière plongée, je pense ne pas avoir fait la pire…
Habitué aux plongées depuis les clubs, ça change pas mal!
C’était là une semaine aux petits oignons effectué sur le Missmoon, au départ de Ranong, et pour cap les eaux Birmanes.
Le bateau, pas hyper luxueux, mais néanmoins tout à fait convivial, et comme nous n’étions que 8 plongeurs (+ 2 divemaster ainsi que 4 Thai faisant parti de l’équipage)
Mais je me dit que je vais switcher dans la langue de Shakespeare pour une fois, pour éventuellement être compris par, entre autres, les plongeurs internationaux qui étaient aussi sur la croisière…

So what about this dive cruise in Myanmar sea?
The week without Internet and many other temptation (exept food and beer…) lasted very very quick. I haven’t seen passed the time… So it seems to be very good point!

Sea road
La route…

What could I say first as a bemol, because perfection never exists, doesn’t it? I would just notice that we had a poor visibility, maybe around 10m, and green colored water. We weren’t diving in a translucid water. So I guess we miss to see some big stuff swimming not so far, but sometime we saw only shadows.

Maybe I could add that we didn’t make all the night dive, but as we did 23 in the week, it means that we could have dived 27 times, and maybe tired a little more, so it was not so bad no to do all the night dives…

Now the good stuffs!


But this doesn’t mean the cruise wasn’t fantastic!
The procedure to follow was very simple:

1. Dive
2. Eat && Drink
3. Sleep || Read Comic
4. Repeat

I would add for me a point between 1 and 2 which was to charge camera battery and import pictures and videos from camera and gopro to the computer, which took some time at the beginning until I industrialized it with Lightroom :), and the help of the lucky « moustache » guy Helmut Debelius fishes books to find correct names of species we met.

Lucky Helmut
Luck Helmut




The first dive of the days were around 7am, the second around 11am, the 3rd about 3-4pm, and we did 2 night dives (7pm) during the trip.
We almost always dived on spots with NOBODY miles and miles around!! This was fabulous to enjoy the calm in those places, far away from the crowd, and with the excitment of discovering new spots 🙂
Also, almost all the dives were full of several species of quite big fishes (tuna, rainbow warrior, carangues…), and so on on the rocks (shrimps, crabs, big ursins…). Only the day at Silvertip Banks, when we were looking for the sharks, was a « poor » fish day. But we saw sharks, so…

And we manage to last between 50-60 mn each dive (25-30m deep on average), which is not so bad. The divemaster (french for my « palanquée » who was not behind our back every dives and let us a lot of freedom to dive how we like. You can find places where dives are too strict, in commercial purposes (less time underwater, no deco, …) but it was’t the case here, thanks god!

As a little regret, we didn’t see any whale shark, and the mantas didn’t stay so long to have a comprehensive talk, but it seems they see the bigs around 50% percent of the time they go there… Next time (maybe tomorrow in fact by the time I write this, in Sipadan)


Going back from the world of silence, we entered the world of smell and taste! The cook chief gave us, before each dive, a smell idea of what wwe were going to eat when we come back! And it was 100% percent of the time very tasty, varied – except the morning eggs, but it’s so cool -, healthy, mmhh although about this point I’m not sure hehe…

The music on the boat was the perfect sound! Good rock music, classic rock and also some tunes from progressive rock bands – particulary « Rush » <3 or « the moody blues »… It would have been a nightmare to listen to junk shitty sound (rihanna, …) at the end of days filled with memorious dives, meal and people!

All the present divers, each from different nationality, were very nice people. Which seems not to be the case of every diving cruise.. and I hope I didn’t annoyed them with my running joke, maybe related to the « Un jour sans faim » (original title « Groundhog fish day ») movie, which was kind of this one:

Going back from the water

– Me: So you have seen a ray ?
– Someone: Oh yes, fabulous!
– Me: Which one was it ? Was it a « Billmu » one?
– Someone: ??
– Me: Yes, maybe it was a « Billmu » Ray
– Someone: I don’t understand? I don’t know this ray…
– Me: Oh?! You don’t know the Billmu Ray??

BillMu Ray (and his Groundhog Fish)

So I hope I didn’t cause any psychotic trauma to who I made this joke.. It was just a joke 🙂

By the way, I put pictures of the dives, and some rays (not the Billmu one in fact, but maybe one day!!) on the following gallery

Click to see Pictures (many)

And I intentionaly put some comics pictures, or food, but it’s not in a way of adverstisement, just to put images of how coloured was this incredible week (even if I’m color-blind ohoh)


I’m not going to write long here, just that this cruise made me want to go for another one!! Maybe to the Andaman next time…
However, I headed to Phuket then Borneo where I’m right now, and with already new nice pictures…





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